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Phoenix Statutory Rape Defense Attorney

Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer in Phoenix

In Arizona, statutory rape is called “sexual conduct with a minor," and the age of consent for the state is 18 years old. If you are 18 years old or more and have sex with an individual under 18, you are breaking the law and can be charged with this offense. As the law considers that no one can legally “consent” until they are 18 years old, it is a type of sexual assault under the law. If the minor is under 15 years old, the felony punishment is 13 – 27 years in prison.

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There is no opportunity for reducing the sentence in most cases. Even If the minor is 15 – 17 years old, it is a Class 6 felony with prison time as punishment. The punishments for any of these charges are harsh. When the minor is 12 years old or younger, the punishment is life in prison. The minimum time served in such cases is 35 years in prison, and even then it may be difficult to be released. In fact, Arizona has some of the most extreme laws regarding statutory rape of any state.

If you or a loved one has been charged with this crime, it is absolutely critical that you immediately contact a Phoenix statutory rape defense attorney to initiate your defense. With the assistance of a criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig, it can be determined how to fight for your freedom in this very serious charge.

Statutory Rape Charges in Phoenix?

The penalties in Arizona are so severe for any sexual conduct with an individual under the age of 18, that it is critical that you get a criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are charged with this offense. Your future is truly at stake in such a case. With the assistance of the legal team from the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig, you can increase the possibility of a better outcome in your case. Each case is unique and individual and it is vital that you contact the firm to review the case against you and determine how to move forward with your defense.

Contact a Phoenix Statutory Rape Defense Attorney from the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig if you are facing a charge of “sexual conduct with a minor." The firm offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Protect your freedom.

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