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Case Results
  • Not Guilty, Acquitted Of All Charges STATE V. FELIZ

    Mohave County Superior Court

    Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale - Class 2 Dangerous Felony

    Transport of Dangerous Drugs for Sale - Class 2 Dangerous Felony

  • Not Guilty STATE V. LARIS

    Murder 2 - Class 1 Felony

    Maricopa County Superior Court

  • Dismissed STATE V. HURFORD

    Mohave County Superior Court

    Count 1: Money Laundering in the second degree, class 3 felony

    Count 2: Possession of Dangerous Drugs, class 4 Felony

    Count 3: Misconduct Involving Weapons, class 4 felony

  • Dismissed Chapter 18 - Theft

    Theft - Obtain by misrepresent

  • Diversion STATE V. MARTIN
    Scottsdale Municipal Court

    Charge: Domestic Violence
  • Probation STATE V. MORA

    Maricopa County Superior Court

    Class 3 Felony> Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weopon

  • Both Dismissed STATE V. MUDICK


    Criminal Damage

    Disorderly Conduct

  • Dismissed STATE V. ESPARZA
    Maricopa County Superior Court

    First Degree Criminal Trespassing
  • Not Guilty Of All Charges STATE V. STANDLEE

    Mohave County Superior Court

    Armed Robbery Trial
    Armed Robbery Class 2 Dangerous Felony

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