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Randall J. Craig has over 20 years of experience and is highly respected by prosecutors, judges, and peers for his excellent representation in criminal defense cases. Attorney Craig has tried hundreds of major felony jury trials and has achieved one of the best trial records in Arizona. If you have recently been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to secure the high quality criminal defense you need to aggressively defend your interests.

Fighting for your acquittal is the primary intention of the firm, but case dismissal, reduction of charges, and other options still exist for those who have been charged with a crime in Scottsdale. We work tirelessly to get our client's charges dismissed, reduced, or acquitted; receiving such dedication for your case is simply the result of hiring a skilled and effective criminal defense lawyer who will fight on your behalf.

Scottsdale Criminal
Defense Attorney

Have You Been Charged with a Crime in the Scottsdale Area?

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Scottsdale, AZ, you have every reason to be concerned. This is a serious situation which requires you to take action to protect yourself. At the Law Offices of Randall Craig, the legal team represents clients who have been charged with virtually any type of crime.

If you have been charged with a crime, it means that your freedom, your family, and your future are on the line. Do not allow these essential aspects of your life to be compromised by a criminal defense attorney who lacks the skills you need to reach a favorable outcome; make sure you hire the best, because nothing is more important than your rights, freedom, and future.

Handling Complex
and Difficult Cases

Attorney Randall J. Craig and his team are experienced in handling cases involving DUI and drug charges, and theft crimes, ranging from simple shoplifting all the way to armed robbery. The team at this firm is skilled in handling even the most serious cases related to violent crimes, gang offenses, weapon charges and sex crimes. They also have the resources to handle complex white collar cases related to fraud.

Whether representing a defendant in state, juvenile or federal court, the criminal defense team has the skill to reach the best possible result. Some of the other specific areas of practice that the firm handles in the field of criminal law include, but are not limited to probation violation hearings, bench warrant defense, license suspension defense, and charges of disorderly conduct, restraining orders, resisting arrest and assault.

Awarded and Respected Throughout Arizona

Our founding attorney has won multiple awards and is a distinguished criminal defense lawyer in Arizona. Having tried hundreds of felony cases and many misdemeanor cases, Attorney Craig not only has the experience that you need, but an unparalleled track record of success that proves his dedication and abilities.

Attorney Randall Craig has been a featured legal expert on Fox TV, NBC, and other networks. Attorney Craig was named the September 2013 Attorney of the Month by Attorney at Law Magazine (you can read the article here). Additionally, the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Craig has a unique advantage and is well-aware of what the "other side" is doing and can plan your defense accordingly. With this insight, you will be better protected because he can anticipate and prepare defenses for the prosecution's actions and arguments.

Some of Our Past Results
    • STATE V. ESPARZA Dismissed
    • STATE V. LARIS Not Guilty
    • STATE V. CRAIG THOMAS Dismissed / Not Guilty
    • STATE V. STANDLEE Not Guilty Of All Charges
    • STATE V. MUDICK Both Dismissed
    • STATE V. HURFORD Dismissed
    • STATE V. MORA Probation
    • STATE V. LAWRENCE Diversion
    • STATE V. KOISTINEN Probation
    • STATE V. SCHMIDT Diversion
    • STATE V. MATWYUK Not Guilty
    • STATE V. VILLEGAS Dismissed
    • Chapter 18 - Theft Dismissed
    • STATE V. SHAWD Dismissed
    • STATE V. JACOBSON Dismissed
    • STATE V. MARTIN Diversion
    • State v. Mbuyi Dismissed
    • STATE V. RAINS Diversion
    • STATE V. HOLT Dismissed
    • STATE V. GRESKO Dismissed
    • STATE V. REYES Dismissed
    • STATE V. FELIZ Not Guilty, Acquitted Of All Charges

Benefits of the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig

We are a small, but aggressive criminal defense law firm, dedicated to fighting for each client, no matter how serious the charges. Every case is taken on with the determination to seek out a strategy that will protect the client's best interests. Serious crimes charges are dangerous and frightening, and the prosecutor and law enforcement will be working as a team to get the conviction.

When you face this situation, you need to ensure that you are represented by a powerful, resourceful and skilled criminal defense lawyer who will go the distance in fighting for your freedom. Contact our firm today to get started!

At the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig, the criminal defense lawyer representing you will make your case a priority and will relentlessly defend you in court. Furthermore, a team of legal professionals will assist your case, helping with the investigation and providing expert testimony if necessary.

  • “You keep going on your career, because you are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work. He helped me out with my claim and I was able to win it.”

    Former Client

  • “Randy can get anything done that he puts his heart to! He has a nice smile, honest and is very supportive, a rare find in a lawyer! I wish the best to you Randy & hope to see you have a huge law firm in the future, you deserve it!”

    Former Client

  • “I would highly recommend Mr. Craig, without reservation, and feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of his representation. Thank you to Mr. Craig and Staff!”


  • “Thank you for vigorously arguing my case and for the vigorous cross examination of the prosecution witnesses! I would definitely refer you to anyone who needs a good aggressive attorney!”


  • “Thank you for your love and support.”


  • “You can't agrue with the results. You can't get much better. Thank you Mr. Craig”

    Former Client

  • “Grateful & Thankful”


  • “Randall is very knowledgeable and efficient in what he does and would not hesitate in using him if you want a good lawyer!”

    Former Client

  • “The absolute best attorney”


  • “I can never thank him enough!!! Randall and his Staff are exceptionally caring about their clients. I felt so comfortable and right at home. They have my trust in their abilities completely!!!”

    Rose M. Ellis

  • “Mr. Craig was very up front with me. I would highly recommend their services.”

    Former Client

  • “His staff kept me informed, Mr. Craig kept me calm, and in the end he was able to negotiate the right deal for me. He has simple flat rates and doesn't bill you for things like copies and phone calls.”


  • “Thank you for all that you did.”


  • “We won and he sent me $1,500 back telling me since it only took him 3 days, the balance of the retainer was owed me. Wow. Never heard of that before! Very refreshing! We won too! I knew we would. Good guy, good lawyer.”

    Former Client

  • “I'm doing much better and have a great job now . Because of you, I have endless opportunities in my future.”

    Dillion Dygert