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Arizona MVD Hearings

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If you are stopped by police and determined to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 you will be arrested for DUI and your license will be suspended for a period of 90 days. Once arrested, you must request a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in order to contest a license suspension. Having a Scottsdale DUI attorney by your side during this hearing can be of great benefit to you and increase your chances of success.

You have 15 days from your arrest to request a hearing through the MVD to keep your driver's license. You need to make sure you can navigate MVD issues and submit request for hearing is filed correctly and on time. This is when having a legal advocate from the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig as representation can go a long way, especially with your driving privileges on the line.

What happens during a hearing?

If an administrative law judge receives your request and believes the "scope of the hearing" has been met, they can dismiss your suspension.

If you lost your license due to DUI, the scope of the hearing will include a determining of:

  • Whether the officer had reasonable grounds for stopping you
  • If you were arrested for DUI or underage DUI
  • You were found to have a blood alcohol content to 0.08 or greater
  • The manner of testing was valid and reliable

If your license was suspended because you refused a chemical test, it will be used to determine:

  • Whether the officer had grounds for stopping you
  • If you were placed under arrest for DUI justly
  • If you refused or failed to submit to a test as requested
  • Whether you were made aware of the consequences of a refusal

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With more than 20 years of experience, DUI Attorney Craig knows what to expect in an MVD hearing and can advise you of your options all throughout the process. Our firm knows how important your driving privileges are to you and can work hard to dismiss your license suspension.

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