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Charged with Resisting Arrest in Scottsdale?

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Scottsdale

If you are being arrested for a crime and argue, pull your hands away, step back or perform any other action that law enforcement considers as “resisting arrest,” this will be added to the charges against you. This is actually a fairly serious charge, as it could affect your bail hearing or give the impression to the judge that you are a “tough case.”

In many instances, the individual arrested is so shocked by the arrest that their moment of disbelief results in a charge of “resisting arrest.” If you struggle or shove, the law enforcement officer will probably add “assault and/or battery” to the charges against. This becomes even more serious, as when you assault any law enforcement personnel, it is a felony charge in Arizona.

Scottsdale Resisting Arrest Attorney

There are other circumstances that can bring about the charge of resisting arrest, such as giving false identification to law enforcement. You make a case more complex when this charge is added to what you are facing, and it is vital that you contact a Scottsdale criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested and charged with any crime that includes resisting arrest. Even if you are cleared of the original charge against you, the resisting arrest charge can move forward.

At the Law Offices of Randall Craig, the criminal defense lawyer will initiate the legal actions to fight the charge of resisting arrest. In particular, if the charge includes assault and battery against a law enforcement officer, this must be immediately addressed with every effort to have the charge dismissed. As this offense can easily be based on very little resistance on the part of the accused, it may be possible to have this charge dismissed or reduced.

If you are charged with resisting arrest, and already were on parole or probation or have a criminal record that includes violent crime charges, this can become a serious problem. The three strikes laws in Arizona could cause this charge alone to result in years spent in prison. This can be a very serious, and it is critical that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Randall Craig to aggressively fight for your defense.

Contact a Scottsdale Resisting Arrest Attorney from the Law Offices of Randall Craig if you have been charged with resisting arrest.

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