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Do You Have a Suspended License in Scottsdale?

If you are dealing with a suspended license, you know how difficult it is to get to and from work and all the other activities that require a vehicle. When you are facing this situation, something can be done about it. Some individuals have a suspended license only because they failed to schedule their hearing or did not pay a fine. If you fail to pay a fine your driver’s license can be immediately suspended in Arizona.

You may not even be aware that this is the case, particularly if you have moved and did not receive any notice at your new address. This means that if you are pulled over at a traffic stop, you will be charged with driving with a suspended license, which is a very serious charge, with steep fines and possible jail time.

If your license has been suspended, there may be defense options that you are not aware of. Call The Law Offices of Randall J. Craig today and explore your options by scheduling a consultation.

Suspended License Lawyer in Scottsdale

If you have failed to appear for any court hearing, you may find that your license has been suspended. Any of these circumstances can create huge problems for you. For example, if you are pulled over on your way to work for a non-working taillight, you will be arrested for driving with a suspended license.

It is crucial to contact a Scottsdale suspended license attorney to assist you in sorting out this problem. At the Law Offices of Randall Craig, the legal team has helped countless individuals resolve the issue of a suspended license and get back behind the wheel legally.

There are a number of legal actions that can be taken when your license has been suspended. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, why the suspension occurred, and what legal action has been filed against you, the firm can address your case and find the best legal resolution to the problem. It is important to any driver to be legally on the road.

With the assistance of a skilled suspended license lawyer from the Law Offices of Randall Craig, you will have a dedicated and experienced advocate on your side. If your license has been suspended, or you were charged with driving with a suspended license, an attorney from our firm will immediately initiate the legal actions to resolve your case and get you back at the wheel.

Contact a Scottsdale suspended license attorney from the Law Offices of Randall Craig if you are dealing with any matter related to a suspended license and
seek legal resolution. 

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