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For All You Out There On Probation

At my firm we handle all kinds of cases including probation matters. This can easily be one of the most distressing types of criminal matters because the consequences can be so severe to the client. Think about it. Somebody makes a mistake in life by committing a crime. The consequence is they get placed on probation. The probationer is truly remorseful for the crime they committed and sets out to make amends by paying off all restitution and doing exactly what he or she is supposed to do under probation. Then for some reason the probation officer decides to file a Motion To Revoke Probation. Perhaps the probationer lost his job and could no longer afford to make the restitution payments. If the Petition To Revoke is granted, the probationer may go to prison or be reinstated with additional terms. If he is reinstated,this kind of merry go round can continue for years with him constantly be reinstated for additional years, if the State believes constant monitoring is needed. The Court of Appeals recently decided that a trial court does not err under the Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 13-901 and 902 by revoking a defendant's probation that was previously extended for an additional five years pursuant to Section 13-902(c) for failing to fully pay restitution when he violates other condtions of probation such as drug/alcohol testing because the specific language of the statute authorizes the Court to extend the "period" of probation when a defendant has failed to make restitution and the provision limits the length of any such extension to a five year period. State v. Turner, 1CA-CR 15-0477, 5/3/16.

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