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Randall J. Craig is Chosen as Attorney of the Month by Attorney At Law Magazine®

At the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig, we are committed to working hard for our clients and helping them achieve the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases. Our knowledge, experience and skill has allowed us to reach excellent case results over the years which have not gone unnoticed by the legal community. We are excited to announce that in one of our recent recognitions, our very own Randall J. Craig graced the front cover of the Greater Phoenix Edition of Attorney At Law Magazine® Vol. 5 No. 9.

In the September 2013 Edition of Attorney At Law Magazine, an in-depth article was written, featuring Randall J. Craig, Esq. Attorney at Law Magazine is a business-to-business trade magazine that provides targeted information to key decision makers in the local legal community.

Attorney at Law Magazine features compelling content that highlights local attorneys, legal professionals and local business leaders with additional articles and columns that capture the latest trends in the industry.

The author of the article began by stating that if someone has ever needed a criminal defense attorney, they should "wish upon a star they could get someone like Randall J. Craig." The author said that not only is Craig engaging to listen to, his exceptional legal background serves his clients in the best possible way. The author noted that attorney Craig's background, courtroom skills and personal story were some of the most fascinating topics at any meeting.

In addition to touching on Craig's criminal defense background and including high-profile cases such as the State v. Goudeau case (the "Baseline Killer" trial) that he worked on, the author also discussed how the media is often interested in the attorney's professional opinions on his own cases and high-profile cases in the news. "I welcome the opportunity because I do recognize my status as a member of the state bar carries with it certain responsibilities. One of those is offering insight on important cases when called upon," explained Craig.

If you wish read the full article on attorney Craig published in Attorney at Law Magazine, click here. Or, if you are interested in meeting with attorney Craig in a free, one-on-one consultation regarding your criminal matter, don't hesitate to call (888) 402-7004 today!