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    If you have been charged with any domestic violence offense call The Law Offices of Randall J. Craig. A Domestic Violence conviction can have severe consequences on your career. Call us today.

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  • Media Mentions
    Media Mentions

    See, Randall J. Craig quotations in Shanna Hogan's article "Unreasonable Doubt", June 2009, Times Publications; see, Randall J. Craig quoation in Paul Rubin article Driver in Phoenix Cop Murder Takes ...

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  • Drug Paraphernalia
    Drug Paraphernalia

    Look, in Arizona almost anything can be classified as drug parahernalia. Be very careful if you are charged with this type of offense because the discriptive range of what constitutes paraphernalia ...

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  • Drug Offenses
    Drug Offenses

    The State of Arizona drug enforcement provisions are found in Title 13 chapter 34. If you are charged with any possession offense call our office right away. Keep in mind that except for certain ...

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  • Probation violation cases
    Probation violation cases

    Unless terminated sooner, probation may continue for a period of seven years in a class 2 felony case, five years for a class 3 felony, four years for a class 4 felony, three years for a class 5 or 6 ...

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  • Criminal Trespass
    Criminal Trespass

    Criminal Trespass is found in ARS 13-1502, `3-1503 and 13-1504. In Arizona someone commits criminal trespass if they knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on property that is not theirs. Call our ...

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