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Do Not Just Consent

Last month we were running articles about the Miranda v. Arizona decision and how such a landmark case has impacted the criminal justice system. I have been writing about how the system has developed ...
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Back to All You Out There With Priors

At my firm, we handle all kinds of criminal cases including violations of probation and cases where the defendant has multiple prior felony convictions. I am always looking out for an opportunity to ...
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Probable Cause Generally

If you have ever watched movies or television, you have probably heard the phrase "probable cause." Probable cause plays a crucial role in our criminal justice system and, if it not ...
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Do Not Just Plead Guilty

As a trial lawyer, I have had the opportunity to see it all in the courtroom over the years. Many times I have seen defendants just plead guilty during their arraignments. In a 2011 report issued by ...
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Understanding Bond and "Bail"

If you've watched even a moderate amount of TV, you probably know that "bailing" someone out of jail means paying money to release them following their arrest. However, fewer of us ...
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Randall J. Craig is Chosen as Attorney of the Month by Attorney At Law Magazine®

At the Law Offices of Randall J. Craig, we are committed to working hard for our clients and helping them achieve the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases. Our knowledge, experience and ...
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Two Local Carpet Cleaners are Accused of Stealing Over $30,000 Worth of Jewelry from Customers' Private Homes

Mesa, Arizona – On December 26, 2012 the San Francisco Chronical published a news story on two Arizona carpet cleaners who had allegedly stolen over $30,000 worth of jewelry from customers' ...
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Alleged Bank Robber Hits the Same Bank Twice

Scottsdale, Arizona – In December of 2012, an alleged bank robber was arrested after locking bank employees in a vault, fleeing on a bicycle, driving off in a rented U-Haul truck, and ultimately ...
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How Domestic Violence Charges' Can Impact Family Life

There is no doubt that domestic violence is a very real problem in the United Stated States. According to a 2010 survey by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, about one in four ...
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Probation Violation Causes and Consequences

When individuals are convicted of crimes, they are sometimes eligible for probation, which is usually served in place of jail or prison time. During probation—which can be supervised or ...
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Latest in the 9th Circuit

In Nitschke, No. 10-36121 (5-24-12)(Paez with Fisher and Clifton) the 9th affirmed the denial of petitioner's claim for habeas relief under Apprendi. The petitioner failed to preserve the Apprendi ...
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Latest in interpreter issues

US v. Romo-Chavez, No. 10-10424 (5-23-12)(O'Scannlain with Lasnik, D.J.; Berzon concurring). The 9th allows the government to introduce at trial a defendant's admissions to a Border Patrol ...
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Ineffective assistance of counsel

Thomas v. Chappell, No. 09-99024 (5-10-12)(Graber with Bea; dissent by O'Scannlain). "Bo did it!" At least that is what petitioner claimed when prosecuted for two murders that occurred ...
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Latest in the 9th Circuit

US v. Zhou, No. 10-50231 (5-10-12)(M. Smith with Kleinfeld and Sammartino, D.J.) An infinite number of law clerks, conducting an infinite number of Westlaw searches, eventually would connect the ...
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Latest court rulings regarding testimonial evidence

In United States v. Hieng, 09-10401 which was an appeal from: C.D. Cal. (Wanger, J.) and argued & submitted: 8/30/11 to the Court panel in San Francisco, it was upheld a jury conviction and ...
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Latest news in theft!

US v. Milovanovic, No. 08-30381 (4-24-12)(en banc)(Tallman writing; Clifton concurring). Sitting en banc, the 9th considers what exactly is required for theft of honest services under the mail fraud ...
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Felony Warrants updates

A brief detention of the wrong person is permissible when the actual person sought by law enforcment is wanted in connection with a completed felony or felony arrest warrant, especially when the ...
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Did you know that even touching someone can result in a charge of assault. Its true. In the State of Arizona it is an assault if any person 1)intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes any physical ...
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State v. Mark Goudeau

State v. Goudeau Capital Murder trial set for January 11, 2011
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Admin Per Se Hearing

Arizona Admin Per Se DUI Suspensions Arizona Admin Per Se DUI Suspensions If you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona and the police officer asks you to take a chemical test, and you submit voluntarily to ...
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Welcome to our Scottsdale Criminal Defense Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Scottsdale criminal defense blog.
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