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In Arizona Forgery is loosely defined. It is a crime whenever a person intentionally defrauds another by 1) falsely making, completing or altering a written instrument, or 2)knowingly possesses a ...
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Theft in Arizona is defined so broadly that almost anything can be classified as a theft if you are not careful. For instance, not returning a rental car in a timely manner can result in theft. In ...
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Interference with judicial proceedings

If you have been served with an Order of Protection do not disregard the order even if the person serving you has a change of heart. For instance, in many domestic violence and or divorce cases one ...
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There are at least 10 common ways to commit aggravated assault in Arizona. We usually see these cases whenever someone causes a serious physical injury and or a deadly weapon is involved like a gun. ...
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Did you know that even touching someone can result in a charge of assault. Its true. In the State of Arizona it is an assault if any person 1)intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes any physical ...
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State v. Mark Goudeau

State v. Goudeau Capital Murder trial set for January 11, 2011
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Admin Per Se Hearing

Arizona Admin Per Se DUI Suspensions Arizona Admin Per Se DUI Suspensions If you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona and the police officer asks you to take a chemical test, and you submit voluntarily to ...
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Welcome to our Scottsdale Criminal Defense Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Scottsdale criminal defense blog.
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