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What Happens When a Crime is Gang-Related?

Arizona has tough laws if they consider that the crime committed was “gang-related.” The law is written so that if you are convicted of a crime and it is determined to have been gang-related, you do not have the option of having a reduced sentence. In fact, the penalty will be increased by 3 years in felony convictions. It becomes much more difficult to have a suspended sentence, pardon or release from prison prior to the full completion of the time of the penalty. These penalties exist for felony convictions when it is determined that the individual was involved with an activity that would “promote, further or assist and criminal conduct by a criminal by a criminal street gang” [Arizona § 13-604]. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Scottsdale

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona and law enforcement considers that you were involved with a gang, your penalties will be enhanced and you will find that you are facing serious prison time. In such a case, it is critical to contact a Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Unfortunately, some of those charged with gang-related offenses have never been a part of any street gang. Proving this association is part of the action that will be taken against you by the prosecutor in criminal court. It is absolutely vital that you have a criminal defense lawyer that knows how to fight this gang-related charge, or you may be spending years in prison, without the opportunity for an early release. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of individuals in prison right now who did not commit the crime for which they are spending time. These unfortunate individuals are now spending the time in prison for a crime someone else committed. Don’t let this happen to you. In gang-related offenses, you are dealing with a particularly tough area of Arizona law. It is critical to your future that you contact the Law Offices of Randall Craig to initiate your defense.

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